You needn’t look any further if you’re searching for a discreet and sophisticated investigating service based in Essex and the surrounding areas. Our detectives boast an incomparable range of services and are backed up with countless years of experience. These combined with the knowledge, and use, of the most proficient methods and devices make us the number 1 provider in the industry.

The scale can range from personal to business, or anything else in between, but we are here to hear you out and to help you out. As little as your problem may be our detectives are experts and professionals in the industry with the knowledge to listen and understand exactly what is needed of them. These professionals are waiting for your call today – tackle the problems you are facing.

Why hire a Private Investigator in Essex?

As a private investigation company, we pride ourselves on confidentiality and providing a prompt truth revealing service for you. Our techniques are foolproof. Our technology is second to none. We work quickly and efficiently and time is never wasted meaning costs are kept as low as possible. You won’t regret contacting us today.

find a missing person in essex
Find a missing person in Essex

Are you struggling to find a missing person in Essex? Essex private investigators have experts at hand 24 Hrs a day who specialise in reuniting you with your family, loved ones or anybody you believe Read more

Private investigator
Essex Private Eye

We can be your Private Eye in Essex... If you are looking for a private investigator based in Essex then you needn’t look any further than here. We have highly experienced detectives equipped with Read more


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Essex Surveillance Services

Surveillance can be perceived as quite a broad term. We see it as either static or mobile. At Essex private investigators we provide an undeniably efficient service for both aspects of surveillance. With static surveillance this is the use of cameras. Cameras that can be hidden and placed in the perfect areas by our Essex based detectives to catch required footage. Mobile surveillance, however, is often performed by two detectives who will follow the specified target in order to gain sufficient photographic and video evidence of all movements and activities they carry out.

As the number one private investigating company in Essex we have delivered an exceptional track record throughout the years in surveillance. We have proved successful in many areas around Essex including Colchester, Chelmsford, Brentwood and many more. Our detectives value you as clients and are readily available to take your call and help you out today. Please don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it!

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Asset tracking

Asset Tracking / Location

Essex Private Investigators have expertly qualified and skilled private detectives that can help you with locating just about any missing or unknown possession, or possessions, that you consider belong to you. All members of our tracing crew are highly trained and have experience in searching through numerous probable predicaments to offer the absolute best result for your investigation.

Hiring a private investigator in Essex to undertake the locating of something is not uncommon these days. In some cases it could be to assist you if you believe your husband or wife is retaining some of your items in the course of the breakup. Another reason could be that you are writing your will or perhaps supporting another individual’s will and you need to make certain that everything is proper and correct. There are endless situations in which we could be of service and our detectives are awaiting your call today.

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Cheating spouse

Matrimonial Investigations

With a wealth of experience and know-how within the industry of checking out and sorting out matrimonial troubles Essex private investigators is the right place for you. We have on board the finest detectives Essex has to offer and the outcomes of our services are undeniably the best around. Bringing our clients a 100% success rate in finding out the truths of certain situations gives us the edge above competition in the surrounding area.

You may be having slight problems within your marriage and need our help to get your life back on track and unravel some puzzling truths. We can investigate to check whether your partner is being unfaithful or whether your estranged partner has been living with another. The questions and options are endless but the answer is always here with us. These questions can stop you sleeping and disrupt the pattern of your usual day. Give us a call today and we can help you in the utmost professional manner suitable to finding out the realities of situations.

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GPS Vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking

At Essex Private Investigator UK we are equipped with the latest vehicle tracking devices. These devices use GPS which is a satellite system based in space. Many of our clients use them to track cars and vans, whether it be for personal use or business use. The service is highly rated and many believe it is an amazing tool to use.

Our private investigators in london provide excellent results when using tracking devices for car and truck checking. Many business clients use these trackers to evaluate the use of company cars or vans. This is so their staff can be easily monitored and are always on with what they should be as well as monitoring their driving speeds. Many parents opt in to using trackers to evaluate their, recently passed, child’s driving. Our approachable and knowledgeable team are waiting to hear from you and provide you with vehicle tracking today.

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Find a missing person

Missing Person in Essex

Is somebody you know missing in Essex? A friend, a loved one, a relative or a neighbour that the police can not seem to do anything about? In Essex our missing person search team consisting of experienced and knowledgeable private investigators ensure that they follow all leads in order to bring that person back to you. We intend to go through every practice and procedure possible tracking the most hidden traces in order to bring you efficient results.

There are a number of different services that tie into this aspect we can also help to track down birth mothers or fathers, children who have gone through adoption, compiling a family tree and much more. Our investigators understand your emotions and pain and these emotions drive us to push us through the investigation and closer to delivering the results you deserve in a sophisticated and efficient manner.

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Why Our Essex Private Investigators ?

Professional, Reliable, Guaranteed 

PC Forensics

We have an unbelievable team of forensic private investigators who are readily available to help you with any problem you occur on a computer system. Read More

Listening Device

Our listening devices make no noise and do not flash or light up which makes them an excellent and discreet unit ready to be fitted by our detectives. Read More

Fraud Investigations

With more and more people and businesses becoming victim to the crime of fraud it is vital you keep aware and on top of any suspicions that you may have. Read More

Nanny Monitoring

Deciding who you want to leave your child with can be a challenge but our investigators can reveal the truths behind your potential, or current, nanny. Read More

Process Serving

Our agency of professional private investigators and detectives are dedicated to finding out the truths to your cases and process serving is a vital part to this. Read More

Bug Detector Sweep

Our private investigators within Essex and the surrounding area are kept up to date with the latest, state of the art, electronic bug sweeping equipment. Read More

Phone Forensics

Does your phone ever cut out on you unexpectedly? The information within your phone may be damaged but we have a specialised team on hand to aid you. Read More

Employee Monitoring

As an owner or a manager of a company it is vital to keep track of your employees so that you can ensure their productiveness is kept at a maximum level. Read More

Lie Detector Test

The lie detector services and polygraph that we use are rated very highly in and around Essex and are performed by our expert and reliable investigators. Read More

Trace Debtors

Has somebody left town who owes you money with no forwarding address? If this is the case Essex Private Investigators can help you find this person. Read More

Mystery Shopper

Want to know more about your store? Your website? Your call centre? How they are performing and how your employees are performing? Our mystery shopper’s are waiting for you… Read More

Email Hacking

Are you being kept awake at night by your partner’s secrets? Do you believe that somebody may be being disloyal to your company? Our agents can help. Read More

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Private Investigators Essex UK provide services in the following fields: Surveillance, Asset Location, Matrimonial, Vehicle Tracking, Missing Persons, PC/Phone Forensics and much more. Call us today for expert advice.

How can a private detective help you?

As the number one private investigation service in Essex, no problem is beyond us. Being aware of the prosperous nature of Essex, our private investigators are frequently called on to either pre-empt offences or to investigate incidents of corporate crime. Your business may be small or multi-national, we can still help as we have vast experience within this field. If it’s theft you are worried about we can have a detective come round and install hidden cameras or CCTV around the premises. We can also help with insurance claims, background checks, debtor tracing, fraud in any area. The options are endless.

Private detective Essex

Everyday life is often hard enough but when you’re faced with the possibility that your partner may be cheating it can be devastating and cause all sorts of problems. Our private detectives are particularly discreet and sensitive when uncovering the truth on infidelity. We know Essex well and can carry out surveillance without raising suspicion. A private eye could follow your partner’s every move, recording all activity and communication before feeding it back to you in any format you like and may be used in legal proceedings. If this is the path you wish to take please do not hesitate in contacting us today.

This is just one situation our team of detectives are specially exercised within to provide the ultimate investigating service for you. The services we have on hand are countless. Another example is that we have specialists in locating missing persons who have the ability to trace people even if they have been separated for months or years. We understand that these things usually raise difficulties within homes and do require an understanding of the client’s emotions. We recognise this completely and can offer you the help and support at any time. If you call us today each of our services are tailored made to meet your exact needs, we will take the time to discuss your concerns/problems before coming up with the most appropriate action to be put into plan. Anything you have you can trust with us.

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An ex-employee had left and not returned his laptop, Private investigators UK helped track my assets
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PI UK offer a great unique service and gave me confidence they would solve the case. I would highly recommend this company.
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