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Covert Surveillance

We can be your surveillance, static or mobile…

As the number one private investigating company in Essex we have an exceptional track record throughout the years of our expertise in surveillance. We have proved successful in many areas around Essex including Brentwood, Southend, Saffron Walden and many more. Our detectives value you as clients and are readily available to take your call and help you out today. Please don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it!

Surveillance can be perceived as quite a broad term. We see it as either static or mobile. At Essex private investigators we provide an undeniably efficient service for both aspects.  Static is the use of cameras. Cameras that can be hidden and placed in the perfect areas by our Essex based detectives to catch required footage. Mobile, however, is often performed by two detectives who will follow the specified target in order to gain sufficient photographic and video evidence of all movements and activities they carry out.

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Is your spouse cheating?

Do you need a hand catching your cheating spouse in the act?

There are certain situations that many of us find ourselves in at points in our lives and it is quite common, we’re sure, that we have experienced the curiosity of a cheating spouse. Are things not piecing together quite right? Are there hours of unexplained time? You could just have a gut feeling but if the questions are there, they need to be answered. These curiosities can keep you awake at night and withhold you from being the person you are.

At Essex Private Investigators we have an expertly skilled team of professional detectives and investigators, from a range of different backgrounds, combining together to bring wealths of experience to your aid. These agents use the utmost sophisticated and discreet methods to discover the truths in any situation you may need to overcome and will present their results in a respectful and considerate manner.

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Private Investigator Essex

Matrimonial troubles, business investigations, asset location, private investigations, bug sweeping, legal enquiries. Here at Essex the private investigator the list of services we offer is undeniably the broadest range in and around the Essex area. The appreciation we receive from our clients in the area is phenomenal and we pride ourselves on acquiring and delivering truths in a discrete, respectful and efficient manner.

The years of experience we have within the industry gives us the skills to access information other people cannot access. We could verify your first dates information, we could find out more about your new mysterious neighbour. All you need to do is give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly advisors, get the problem sorted before it’s too late!

find a missing person in essex

Are you struggling to find a missing person in Essex?

Essex private investigators have experts at hand 24 Hrs a day who specialise in reuniting you with your family, loved ones or anybody you believe to be missing. Our professionals provide the number one service in and around the Essex area when it comes to find a missing person. Throughout their years of experience they have acquired specific skills which gives them the capacity to this job better than anybody else out there.

Whilst ensuring complete discretion our agents have expertise in the most sophisticated techniques and technology, as well as being easily approachable for all of our clients. The team we have and the detectives’ individual aspects all thrown together give us the best possible chance of tracking down your friend, daughter, father, neighbour or anybody we require to be at service for. If you require assistance today please give us a call as one of our Essex based detectives are looking forward to helping you out.

Detective investigator

Do you need a private detective to help you out?

Whether you need help for personal or business reasons we are here to help you and are awaiting your call. You may feel awkward or hesitate in contacting a private detective in Essex but rest assured that all our experts are easy to approach and understand your concerns. Essex private detectives have a level of expertise that can be witnessed in their latest performances. These show the excellence with which these investigators provide their services in all the areas of private investigation. What’s keeping you waiting? Start tackling the problems you have by making that one call today, you won’t regret it.

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