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Private investigator

We can be your Private Eye in Essex…

If you are looking for a private investigator based in Essex then you needn’t look any further than here. We have highly experienced detectives equipped with the skills and technology needed to conduct the most sophisticated and discreet investigation methods. The services we provide are the broadest and most efficient in Essex and the surrounding areas. The wealth of experience our agents have behind them leave them regarded as the most trusted around and you will be able to rest assured that your issues are in the right hands. The constant accuracy of our results and the truths we discover for clients make our reputation what it is. If you are having any problems that you may need a hand with our friendly advisors are ready to be at your service. Give us a call today.


Do you require a professional detective in Essex?

Do you feel like you have given your partner the benefit of the doubt for too long? Maybe you feel like somebody you are close to is untrustworthy. There are a million different situations which can keep you up at night, change the way you act in your day-to-day life and affect your work ethic. With our professional detective in Essex service you can find all the answers to the questions that have been puzzling you and overworking your mind. Checking through heaps of information and overcoming any obstacles in the way our investigators will do everything they can to ensure that the truth comes back to you. And that it will. Whether it be a disheartening or a relieving outcome our agents will deliver the results to all the questions that have been on your mind, backed up with concrete and coherent evidence including the person’s whereabouts and activities. Essex Private Investigators value your trust and discretion as our client and we are highly understanding in sensitive situations.

Process server

We have experts in Process Serving…

At Essex private investigators we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients objectives through a discrete, cost effective and professional investigation. We offer a broad range of services from a pool of expert agents. We can deal with process serving on a  a number of platforms from matrimonial to corporate and commercial investigations.

As an agency of professional private investigators and detectives we are dedicated to finding out the truths to your cases and we have a number of services on hand for you today. One of them being process serving for your personal problems. With the use of top grade technology we can carry out our investigations in a quick, yet, discreet and efficient manner to suit your requirements. All of our professionals keep track of people and provide regular reports and updates allowing you to make your next call.

Bug sweep

Our Private Investigators and Private Detectives in Essex are ready to help you…

Do you need a fast solution to the issues in your private life? Is there a mystery niggling at you from day to day? Call Essex private investigators today for an affordable, confidential and discreet investigation. Our friendly private investigators and private detectives in Essex are ready and waiting for your call.

The reputation we have is outstanding and we provide the widest range of services in and around the Essex area. Our agents have wealths of experience and skills that guarantee speedy response, attention to detail and accurate, truth-revealing results. The organised team on hand have years of history and involvement within government industries, the police force and the military. They have handled the most complex of cases and their expertise guides them to their results each and every time. Get the attention you deserve when taking out a private investigation, our clients are number one in our mind.

Find a missing person

We can assist with your Missing Person Search in Essex…

Is somebody you know missing? A friend, a loved one, a relative or even a neighbour that the police can not seem to do anything about? Our missing person search in Essex team, consisting of experienced and knowledgeable private detectives, ensure that they follow every possible lead in order to bring that person back to you. We intend to go through ever practice and procedure possible following up the most hidden traces in order to bring you efficient results.

Our investigators understand your emotions and pain in these situations and we deliver our results with that in mind. Our growing team of specialists provide the number one place to come if you need to find that missing person, call us now don’t let them get away from you.


Look nowhere else for Private Investigator Services in Essex…

For private investigator services in Essex you are at the right place with the broadest of ranges. We can deal with any type of investigation whether it be business, personal or anything in-between. On the personal side of things we have matrimonial investigations and private investigations which can include a number of different services covering:

  • Infidelity
  • Lie detector tests
  • Surveillance
  • And much more

On the business side we offer:

  • Legal enquiries
  • Fraud investigation,
  • Background and pre-employment investigation
  • And much more

Most of our services could be used for a wide range of different situations as we know an investigation can be quite vague and each situation has its own personal aspect. Our knowledgeable and experienced detectives take these personal aspects into appreciation and deliver all results with efficiency and respect for the client. Within the run of all the investigation Essex Private Investigation services also can manage your court documents, help you with bankruptcy petitions, summons and even procuring witnesses.

lakeside shopping

We can send in a Mystery Shopper to evaluate your store…

Want to know more about your store? Your website? Your call centre? How they are performing and how your employees are performing? Mystery shopping provides you with a real life account of the experience a shopper has received within your company. With honest and truthful feedback your company can begin to implement slight changes where needs be in order to constantly improve your brand and become more profitable.

Our experienced agents can provide you with store, venue, phone or online based mystery shopping in and around Essex. The representatives we have assess and compare customer interactions against KPI and other company statistics. By providing you with this information you have the opportunity to improve your customer service, retain your customers and keep ahead of the opposition which will, effectively, result in more sales! The service we provide is affordable, flexible and majorly effective, as our clients can back up.

Contact our friendly, approachable team in Essex today to discuss your objectives and requirements in more detail. From here we can provide some suggestions and support in to how we can be most effective and efficient for your specific business. We would be delighted to hear from you!

essex surveillance

Private Investigator and Detective Essex…

Whether you need help for personal or business reasons we are here and are awaiting your call. You may feel awkward or hesitate in contacting a private investigator and detective in Essex but rest assured that all our experts are easy to approach and understand your concerns. Essex private detectives have a level of expertise that can be witnessed in their latest performances. These show the excellence with which these investigators provide their services in all the areas of private investigation. What’s keeping you waiting? Start tackling the problems you have by making that one call today, you won’t regret it.


Unparalleled private investigations in Essex…

Essex private investigators have the most experienced and skilled private detectives in, and around, the Essex area. In any area of private investigation you can think of, any problem you may have, we have a specialist within that area waiting to be of assistance to you. Within the team our agents have years of experience within the forces, the military and elsewhere. These qualities along with the high tech electronics they use provide them with an edge over others for our private investigations in Essex.

As well as this, all of our team are properly licensed, they follow an ethical code of conduct, their professional standards are of the highest grade and they will tackle any enquiry you put forward to them with their full attention. For cost effective and efficient private investigations within the Essex area you don’t need to look any further, members of our team are waiting for your call today.

essex online detective agency

Our Essex Online Detective team are on hand…

If you ever feel like your trust and privacy is being invaded by an external force that you cannot control. Maybe your bank is trying to get into your system. Your system may be sending out unauthorised emails that are likely to damage reputation and progress. Our Essex online detective team is ready and available to help you out today. They will not only put a stop to the problem but they can also locate and disclose the identity of the person or organisation carrying out these tasks. These agents have a wealth of knowledge behind them due to their experience within the industry and there is nobody better to fix the hacks and errors your systems are occurring.