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Detective investigator

Do you have struggles hiring a private detective Essex?

At Essex private investigators UK we know it can be quite daunting to pick up the phone and call a detective as such. We assure you that here we do things differently. Here you are in the best possible hands. All of our agents are friendly and approachable, whilst still remaining professional and discrete. With a wealth of knowledge acquired through years of experience and practice our detectives have the understanding of their clients and provide prompt action into assisting them in anyway way possible. Hiring a private detective Essex is no longer the struggle it seems.

The team we have covers all areas of the city and around it. Within the team we have specialists with experience in the police, the military and other government areas. The range of investigations we cover is endless from commercial to personal needs. Essex Private Investigators UK are waiting to answer your call today to provide the most efficient and cost effective service there is.

Discover truths

Private Investigator Services in the Essex area…

Matrimonial troubles, business investigations, asset location, private investigations, bug sweeping, legal enquiries. Here at Essex private investigators we boast a unimaginable range of private investigator services we offer is undeniably the broadest range in and around the Essex area. The appreciation we receive from our clients in the area is phenomenal and we pride ourselves on acquiring and delivering truths in a discrete, respectful and efficient manner. The years of experience we have within the industry gives us the skills to access information other people cannot access. We could verify your first date’s information or we could find out more about your new mysterious neighbour. All you need to do is give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly advisors, get the problem sorted before it’s too late!

Our email hacking service can put your mind at ease today…

Essex’s private detectives use the most cutting edge investigation methods and high grade technology that helps to provide accurate and foolproof results. This is the investigation you need to count on when it comes down to email hacking. Each of these agents have years of experience working within the Essex area helping to sort out problems such as these. Are you being kept awake at night by your partner’s secrets? Do you believe that somebody may be being disloyal to your company? If so then waste no time and give Essex private investigators a call today to put your mind at rest and learn the puzzling truths.

Employee background checks

Tackle employee theft and fraud today!

Whether it is personal or corporate our agents at Essex private investigators have the skills, the experience and the expertise to deal with a huge range of options for any issues you may come across. They have acquired skills which help them to find out the truth about any employee you believe may be cheating, thieving or committing fraud crimes. The methods and the devices we use are unique and foolproof with each detective trained to use them to perfection. The consistent level of accuracy we continue to provide makes us the number one choice for you in Essex. These Essex based professionals work efficiently so that your costs are kept to a minimum and guarantee a prompt truth revealing service about an employee theft.

Bug sweep

Essex’s number one Private Investigation Services…

For private investigation services in Essex you are at the right place with the broadest of ranges. We can deal with any type of investigation whether it be business, personal or anything in-between. On the personal side we have matrimonial investigations and private investigations which can include a number of different aspects such as infidelity, lie detector tests , surveillance and much more. On the business side we offer legal enquiries, fraud investigation, background and pre-employment investigation and much more.

Most of our services could be used for a wide range of different situations as we know an investigation can be quite vague and each situation has its own personal aspect. Our knowledgeable and experienced detectives take these personal aspects into appreciation and deliver all results with efficiency and respect for the client. Within the run of all the investigation Essex Private Investigation services also can manage your court documents, help you with bankruptcy petitions, summons and even procuring witnesses.

Bug Detection

Our Bug Detector service can sweep your home today…

Our private investigators within Essex and the surrounding area are kept up to date with the latest, state of the art electronic Bug Detector equipment. This allows them to reveal any unwanted devices within your environment. This can range from your work place, to your home or even your vehicle. We are delighted to have delivered efficient results and uncovered answers to many puzzling situations and questions our clients have faced.

The use of bugs has become readily available for the general public in recent years and therefore are being used more than we sometimes expect. Bugging a phone, computer or fittings in a home or work place is quite straightforward for some people now but our bug sweeps within the area can help you out today. They detect. They remove. They destroy. Call us today for a bug sweep in Essex!