We can send in a Mystery Shopper to evaluate your store…

Want to know more about your store? Your website? Your call centre? How they are performing and how your employees are performing? Mystery shopping provides you with a real life account of the experience a shopper has received within your company. With honest and truthful feedback your company can begin to implement slight changes where needs be in order to constantly improve your brand and become more profitable.

Our experienced agents can provide you with store, venue, phone or online based mystery shopping in and around Essex. The representatives we have assess and compare customer interactions against KPI and other company statistics. By providing you with this information you have the opportunity to improve your customer service, retain your customers and keep ahead of the opposition which will, effectively, result in more sales! The service we provide is affordable, flexible and majorly effective, as our clients can back up.

Contact our friendly, approachable team in Essex today to discuss your objectives and requirements in more detail. From here we can provide some suggestions and support in to how we can be most effective and efficient for your specific business. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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