Essex’s number one Private Investigation Services…

For private investigation services in Essex you are at the right place with the broadest of ranges. We can deal with any type of investigation whether it be business, personal or anything in-between. On the personal side we have matrimonial investigations and private investigations which can include a number of different aspects such as infidelity, lie detector tests , surveillance and much more. On the business side we offer legal enquiries, fraud investigation, background and pre-employment investigation and much more.

Most of our services could be used for a wide range of different situations as we know an investigation can be quite vague and each situation has its own personal aspect. Our knowledgeable and experienced detectives take these personal aspects into appreciation and deliver all results with efficiency and respect for the client. Within the run of all the investigation Essex Private Investigation services also can manage your court documents, help you with bankruptcy petitions, summons and even procuring witnesses.

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